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From Pain To Purpose

Join me on a  journey as I share my testimony of how I overcame the trials of life that I had to deal with at a very young age. I share how my pain through each testimony gave birth to the purpose of why I was created to be here on this earth. I conquered fear and decided to heal and I share with my readers how they too can do the same.  

This book is a great read and would even benefit an inspirational study group or book club that deals with any form of abuse and healing. This book also allows you to share pieces of your story while reading mine as you can add notes in between chapters to provide you with a more personable experience.  

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My passion for sharing my testimony while giving back to empower others to understand that they too can become overcomers is my why for all that I do. I enjoy speaking to the youth, young adults, as well as adults in hopes to inspire and motivate them on this journey called life.  

I have traveled to countries, states, cities, and local communities to conduct empowerment sessions, speaking engagements, book signings, motivational workshops, and much more. It brings me joy to share my journey with others and to see them walk away with hope and a new perspective on life. I look forward to connecting with you soon 


“ I have been receiving services from Ima for about 3 months and I must say that I have accomplished a lot. She has been very dedicated to helping me start my business and allowed me to take the right steps to become a successful nonprofit organization. She's very hands-on and consistent. I am most grateful for her good advice and encouraging words. Ima is a gift from God."

Georgiana Leath (Founder of Healing A Broken Heart Foundation )

Danielle Williams (Founder of BeSharpe)

“ Our conversations have truly been transformative. Ima has always made herself availble to uplift and inspire me when I was in doubt. She always seems to check in at the right time. She is truly a blessing and I appreciate her time and support."
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Are you ready to heal?

As a therapist for over 10 years and conducting ministry most of my life, I find joy in assisting others on their healing journey. If you are ready to heal, contact me, and let's figure out together if I would be able to help you along this journey as your Spiritual and Mental Health Coach.  

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